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Dutch graphic designer based in The Hague
Nederlandse grafisch ontwerper gevestigd in Den Haag

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  1.   A Tweet History
  2.   Internet Audience
  3.   10.000 Trees in a Single Glance
  4.   Written in Stone
  5.   New War Horse
  6.   The Tomorrow Book
  7.   Fighting for a Line
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Internet Audience

Book Design and an Odd Publications — 2016

        After a while people don't really comment on what they see in a youtube video, but they use the comment section as a platform to get their own message across. After this conclusion I wondered, what are they actually commenting? 'Internet Audience' is part of the 'Whole Internet Catalog'. It is a dictionary in word use. It shows which words are used most in the comment section of David After The Dentist, and how the words are used in commenting.

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