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Call Me: Open House

Year: 2016
Client: Royal Academy of Art, The Hague

Services for this project

Campaign name, Concept & identity, Print design, Editorial design, Animation

The Interior Architecture & Furniture Design (IAFD) department of The Royal Academy of Art, The Hague asked Magda Skibinska and me to come up with a branding & campaign concept for their graduation show. They gave us full freedom and let us come up with a name concept for the exhibition. Because the IAFD department is such a diverse study, with really varied graduation pieces and some doubts about their department name, we wanted to create a way to show this design diversity. 
We introduced the ‘Call Me’ concept, with which we could include every piece and every person playfully and show the difference in how each student sees the IAFD department/study. For us, as graphic designers, this also created a fun way to come up with printed matter, animation and other deliverables. The ‘Call Me’ concept was extended in the Catalog design, where we choose to make the text frames extremely narrow to give it a feeling of long lists that you normally see in Phonebooks.

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