Studio Jaap Smit

Dutch graphic designer based in The Hague
Nederlandse grafisch ontwerper gevestigd in Den Haag

        Visual Overview

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        Book/Publication Design
  1.   A Tweet History
  2.   Internet Audience
  3.   10.000 Trees in a Single Glance
  4.   Written in Stone
  5.   New War Horse
  6.   The Tomorrow Book
  7.   Fighting for a Line
  8.   Survival User Manuals

  1.   On Your Own 2017
  2.   LJS Apple Center
  3.   Once We Get There
  4.   Zefir 7
  5.   Holiday in Italy


A Tweet History

Book Design and an Odd Publication — 2019

        Do tweets read differently when they are part of a book? Does context change the tone and scope of your ideas? Explore what happens when content that is ephemeral by nature is preserved in printed form. This book is both an archive and an irony; an object that quickly becomes obsolete, given the exponential speed on which online content is generated every day, but also an artefact that is always there to remind you of your brief passage on the overwhelming flood of information. Order your tweets in book form here.


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