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Studio Jaap Smit is an independent design studio based in
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Studio Judelande

Year: 2018
Client: Judy Wetters

Services for this project

Identity & Logo design, Print design

Judy Wetters asked me to design her studio identity. Her wish was to have a professional and aesthetic identity for her starting business. She also wished for a dot to be used somewhere within this identity. Using the name Judelande and deviving it vertically on each emphasis formed a grid of 3 by 4 and thus visual balance. This logo grid was the perfect basis for the rest of the identity. By using a monospaced typeface this grid structure was emphasized even more and created the aesthetically feel she was looking for. Next, I created a graphical pattern by removing the letters of the logo and only use the dots as pattern material. Together we chose for the neutral colors to again emphasize the aesthetical look & feel.

©Jaap Smit — 2021

©Jaap Smit — 2021