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On Your Own

Year: 2019
Client: Haagse Kunstkring

Services for this project

Campaign concept & identity, Poster & Print design, Animation & Video editing

'Vereniging Haagse Kunstkring' asked me to come up with an identity to support their exhibition idea. With their exhibition, they want to give art academy graduates a chance to exhibit their work. For the last three years, they organized this ‘On Your Own’ exhibition. They select what they believe are interesting graduation pieces and create a small exhibition showcasing these talented Alumni. I designed the printed matter for OYO since 2017, and this year the finalization of the identity came about. In the first year, the OYO letters were already the center of the design.
This continued to be the main recognition of the expo. When they asked me again in 2019, I wanted to create an identity with the elements I used in the years before, but with a stronger and clearer vision. I also wanted to create brand rules and thus a structured idea behind the whole identity. This way it will be easier to create posters and other printed matter in the future. The OYO letters are still the center of the identity, but now with clearer rules and better legibility of the whole design. The 'On Your Own' expo will hopefully become a great part of yearly exhibitions in The Hague.

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