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Ondernemershuis Nederland

Year: 2019
Client: Ondernemend Nederland

Services for this project

Logo design, Print design

‘Ondernemend Nederland’ asked me to design a logo for their ‘Ondernemershuis’ a location where entrepreneurs can work together under one roof. A spot where they can focus on their business but also talk about their ideas with each other. The clients' wish was that the building where ‘ondernemershuis’ is located was the focal point of the logo design. Next to the building as the main focus of the logo, I wanted to give the design an open and welcome feeling. An abstract, iconic representation of the building was designed with a direct, open path to the entrance of the building as a reminder that every entrepreneur is welcome.

Photography: Jeroen Hiemstra/Ondernemershuis

©Jaap Smit — 2022

©Jaap Smit — 2022